NEW: Apple MacBook Battery (A1185) (w/Installation) ($60.00)

NEW: Apple MacBook Battery (A1185) (w/Installation) ($60.00)

(Battery For Apple Mac Pro 13″ A1181 A1185 MA472 MA701)

We can install battery for you; so you can insure
highest quality and compatibility…

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Apple MacBook Battery (A1185)

APPLE A1185 Battery Replacement
for APPLE MacBook 13″ Series

Battery Type:  Li-Polymer | Voltage:
10.80V | Capacity:  5400mAh | Color:
Black | Dimension: 210.90 x 77.20 x 14.90 mm |
Product Type:
 Replacement Battery (Brand New) |
 384.50g | Warranty:  One year

Replacement Code:

A1185, MA566, MA566FE/A, MA566G/A, MA566J/A,

Fit Model: APPLE  MacBook 13″ Series

       MacBook 13″ A1181, MacBook 13″ MA472,

MacBook 13″ MA472B/A, MacBook 13″ MA472F/A,

MacBook 13″ MA472J/A, MacBook 13″ MA472X/A,

MacBook 13″ MA472LL/A, MacBook 13″ MA472CH/A,

MacBook 13″ MA472TA/A, MacBook 13″ MA472SA/A,

MacBook 13″ MA472*/A, MacBook 13″ MA701,

MacBook 13″ MA701CH/A, MacBook 13″ MA701X/A,

MacBook 13″ MA701LL/A, MacBook 13″ MA701*/A,

MacBook 13″ MA701TA/A, MacBook 13″ MA701B/A,

MacBook 13″ MA701J/A, MacBook 13″ MB063LL/A,

MacBook 13″ MB063B/A, MacBook 13″ MB063*/A,

MacBook 13″ MB063J/A, MacBook 13″ MB063X/A,

MacBook 13″ MB063CH/A



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  1. Learn how apps can affect Mac battery performance . Check Activity Monitor for any malfunctioning software processes, especially after installing software updates or a new operating system. Installing updates is important to ensure optimal performance for all applications.

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